Re: fuel consumption A54

Ralph Heilig

Thanks Doug, Porter and Danny

I will start investigating the Vibrations. If found a couple of topics with instructions for SM. Is it the same for the A54? Did you do it by yourself or some specialists? Also: Is the Alignment tool (if needed) the same dimensions for SM and A54? Where can I get such a Alignemt tool or has everyone let them build by some specialists?

Maybe I did not find it. But where to start investigating the vibration issue? Could you reproduce the vibration while docked? During wintertime I always start the engine and also let the prop run with low rpm. Did you test and search while docked? 

I have to check next time on the boat, if I can reproduce the vibrations while docked with running prop. I normaly only run with low rpm while docked, just to keep the propeller clean, but I think I can also go to 1500 or so and should be able to check the virbrations in the engine room...

The Prop is surely not the Problem. I sent my H6 to Autoprop Italy for a complete refit last year.

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