Craig Briggs

Yes, the problem is that you cannot lower the motor when you are in the dinghy.
From the main boat, I lift mine off the rail, then swing it out about the distance needed to meet the dinghy transom properly (approx 1 meter)and tie the mizzen boom in that position with an elastic bungy cord.
Then I lower the motor so the bottom of the engine housing is just out of the water (this does not work if the boat is rolling very much!).
Finally, I get in the dinghy, move it in place under the motor and pick up the motor the few centimeters needed to get the bracket over the transom. Voila!
Cheers, Craig

--- In, Vicente Pereda Hernández <VPEREDA@...> wrote:

Thanks Dimitris, I have clear the procedure to do it with two persons
but the idea is to handle it only one person and in my understanding
should be made from the dingy and this is the problem.

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