Re: AIS / Autopilot Conflict

Herbert Lackner

Some more info, and this will answer Rinks question regarding power supply (and I agree, if you look at the installation diagram power suppy seems to miss, but does not :-) )

The old S3 course computer does not have SeatalkNG, therefore in this installation one of the Raymarine Seatalk (the old Seatalk!, not NMEA2000) is used for the power supply.  The NMEA converter (where the yellow connector is plugged in) is not used as a NMEA converter but as a Seatalk->SeatalkNG converter. This piece is intelligent enough to know that Seatalk is connected and not NMEA0183.   The cable from the S3 course computer is supposed to have three wires: (+12V), (- ground)  and Data.  This is used for power supply of the SeatalkNG bus and that is ok.  That is not an installation that you will find in the installation guide but it is ok.

What problem can occur in the future (no problem right now):  When the Course Computer is changed to a newer model (SPX30, Evolution...) then the SeatalkNG buis will be powered up directly from the course-computer-SetalkNG (white connector instead of the yellow one) and the VHF connection to the SeatlkNG bus will not work anymore. If that happens then the NMEA output of the Ray240 VHF has to be used and has to be connected to NMEA converter with NMEA signals. The converter will recognize that and will act as a NMEA converter again and it will work again. Just as a hint for the future :-)

The AIS is the most sensitive piece in this installation and does not like thunderstorms, failure due to that is a common problem.


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