Re: AIS / Autopilot Conflict

Herbert Lackner

Woody, you are absolutely right, your Axiom has no NMEA Input, this is a feature of the Pro Series.
So no workaround, would not buy another device for that. sorry for the wrong advise. 
the RM700 is a nice device with integrated splitter, easy to install. I installed the GPS Antenna in the boat (inside) behind the plotter at the nav-station, works fine and no need to mount it ouside on the rail...   If I remember correctly it was not difficult to get RM parts in Panama/Shelter Bay.
when leaving the boat in Panama during hurricane saison it is good practise to disconnect the antenna cables from the VHF, AIS..., (but do not forget to put a post-it there that reminds you to plug it in before you turn it on again, not a good idea to use it without antenna...), I even disconnect the SeatalkNG cables form the ITC5 ...

fair winds,  herbert 

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