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As I am sure that you are aware looking up a part number for the D3 is not as straightforward as some people might think. Volvo France modified the D3 to comply with Amel's request for an isolated ground engine. For some reason the modifications are not available to all Volvo least this is what some owners have reported. Some of the sensors were changed to receive 12 volt negative from a second wire to the sensor and the wiring harness was modified along with possibly some other modifications, resulting in an Isolated ground D3.

As far as I know, Amel never gave any information on these changed parts to any Amel owner. Thus, I have attempted over the last few years to make a list of the special sensors used in the Isolated Ground modified D3 by Volvo France. I believe the part you want is: 
Part No. 8151889 CONTACT PRESSION HUILE BIPO / OIL PRESSURE PROBE (Also supplied via Volvo Trucks). This part was available at Gwen Marine (see the following inserted document) 

This is my current list, although I am not 100% sure it applies to all D3-110 models A through H:


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On Sat, Apr 16, 2022 at 7:38 AM Dominique Sery via <> wrote:

The oil pressure sensor on the Volvo parts catalogue does not appear to be bipolar.
I know that Amel had the engine modified by Volvo to be dual pole.
Perhaps look for a bipolar oil pressure sensor to avoid losing the protection fitted by Amel?


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