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Paul and all,

I have heard all of the hype regarding Coppercoat, but want to caution you regarding the tropics.

Although my evidence and conclusion are not scientific, I happen to be in a situation where a reasonable conclusion can be made that Coppercoat does not perform well in the tropics.

We arrived in Malaysia near the equator in Nov 2009. A catamaran arrived about the same time. We each had antifouling done in April in New Zealand with Micron66, the cat in Australia with Coppercoat. We have each not moved since we are both doing land travels in Asia. The cat has about 1" of thick marine growth including barnacles. We have a slight scum film.

See the photo at

I hope this will help you.


s/v BeBe, SM2, #387
Currently Malaysia

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Do you know if the Coppercoat works in the Caribbean. We are seriousely considering this option. We met a person in St Lucia who was having it removed as he said it didn't work in the Caribbean and he had it put on in the states.
Does anyone have experience with this product or CUPTONE that they market in Grenada?

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