Re: Marinas West Coast Italy Winter 2022-2023


Hi Mohammad and Aty,
We wintered at Marina Di Nettuno outside of Rome (not to be confused with the Nettuno Marina in Sicily).  Actually we took Bill and Judy's spot there after they opted for Sicily.  Let me describe it in detail because it is really a fantastic place to winter assuming you are liveaboard.  There is a high speed train to Rome as many people from Mettuno commute daily.  The train passes were €9 round trip, good for 24 hours and included Rome's subways and busses.  We loved it, spent 6 months there.  Despite being a very large marina, there were few live-aboards--only 4 other couples but this was about 7 years ago.  It was reasonable, I think about €400/month including un-metered electricity  and good shower facilities which seemed unused by anyone but us.  We calculated that on certain months our free electricity use surpassed what we had paid in marina fees. We just used small ceramic heaters which, along with the mild weather made for a warm winter.

The old walled town of Nettuno is senic and interesting with lots of restaurants and a large supermarket(s) nearby.  The very beautiful Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial is a 5 minute walk from the marina.  The train station is very close.  We walked farther from our boat to the marina exit than from the marinia to the train station.  Frequently we would do just one event or museum in Rome coupled with lunch and then return to our floating home--there is something to be said for, say, touring the Galleria Borghese and then being "home" in 45 minutes to binge-watch Netflix for the evening.   You can easily walk or bike to nearby Anzio.  There i a huge weekly market 5 minute walk from the marina.

A picture is worth a thousand words (to coin a phrase)-- Nettuno and Anzio  ; more Nettuno pre Christmas  ;  Rome? Well..."Roma non basta una vita – Rome, a lifetime is not enough".  Christmas Eve and Christmas at the Vatican was amazing--more links to Rome in the Google map below.  From Rome there are super-highspeed trains to anywhere in Italy.  The marina is calm enough (make sure you are not near the entrance) to leave your boat if you fly out for a while.

Regarding your other plans, here are markers for Corsica, Sardinia, Pontine Islands,  Aeolian Islands, etc actually most of the Med on our Google map here.  Anchorages are accurate to a couple of feet--zoom in on markers for links to pics and videos--

Bob and Suzanne    KAIMI SM429

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