Re: Santorin helm seat support pipe loose

Craig Briggs

Thanks, John,
Just so I'm sure I understand, when you say you "cut access from the engine room", was that just cutting access in the "egg-crate" dimpled foam sound dampening material or did you actually cut through the GRP engine room ceiling into the Pyramid base of the chair support?  If so, did you just put a piece of wood (plywood I'd suppose) that was larger than the metal pole base up against the existing GRP with the base on top of it and then glass that in? Did you put some fasteners in first - up through the plywood and into the GRP "ceiling"? Sounds like it may be a good fix that would avoid cutting out the old floor or the existing pyramid base - is that correct?
Best regards,--
Craig Briggs - s/v Sangaris / SN68  Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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