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I agree with Lior. Try the magnet first. It is inexpensive and an easy fix. On Attika, Amel 54,  I used 8mm x 8mm Neodimio magnet.(On eBay you buy 10 for 5 US$!). You can measure yours using the secondary winch, if you have two. The hole will be empty and easier to measure.


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Em seg., 18 de abr. de 2022 às 11:00, Lior Keydar <lior246@...> escreveu:

dear paul,

i had this problem twice. in both case it was the small magnet that is paced in the winch. this magnet count the times the winch turn around. you can test it if you take out the winch out and play with a magnet above the sensor.

hope it helps.

lior, A54, Sharona

Attika A54 117
Paraty - Brazil 

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