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Steve Constantine <svsummerlove@...>

I haven't used this on my AMEL, but have experience with it on a previous boat. Marine Peel-Away is a very good, and environmentally safe way to remove bottom paint. It's safe for gelcoat, and even varnish from most woods. Be careful to buy the correct one though. There are several "versions" of it and all aren't safe on the same surfaces (example: some work on concrete, and are a lot more powerful).

It uses a method of applying a thick layer of slow-drying solvent gel, which is then covered with special paper (supplied with the kit). The paper prevents the solvent from drying out, and at the same time absorbs the multiple layers of old paint. After about 24 hours, you peel the paper off, and all the layers of paint come with it. You just roll it up and put it in the appropriate recycling receptacle. There may be some patches of paint left, but it's easily removed with a second spot application. It's a LOT easier, safer, neater and cleaner than any other method I've ever used.

The one major downside is it's very expensive. Probably still a lot cheaper than the government fine for spilling 5 gallons of liquid paint remover and 10 layers of old paint into the harbor though.

s/v Summer Love
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I tried Dilunett, it works without damage to the gelcoat. But, just to be on the safe side, I'd still wash the hull down afterwards.

Coppercoat is great, even in Med waters.


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We intend to coppercoat our hull and in these recessionary times we are considering doing the work ourselves. We seek advice as to the most effective method of anti-foul removal, and wonder if strong caustic might do the trick, or would it damage the gel ?.

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