Re: Watermarker low pressure pump stuck

Porter McRoberts

Interestingly, I bought a new BTM in Tahiti. To replace the old Leroy somer lift pump for desalator 230v. It leaked in the first week.  I watched it as it was minimal. Finally changed the seal, no longer leaking. The point being this pump leaked right out of the box. Perhaps that’s what’s at issue. These pumps should be heirlooms.  

Was it bonded?

Porter McRoberts 


On Apr 21, 2022, at 12:34 AM, Denis Foster <deniswfoster@...> wrote:


We had a similar blockage after a yard changed our original Calpeda.

They had used a Calpeda not suited for sea water. It is important to get the right Calpeda pump specifically made for salt water.



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