Re: Santorin helm seat support pipe loose


No no no Craig!!

We went into the engine room and cut through the fibre glass above your head and below the bottom of the seat support pole. 

We did not /not approach the issue from the cockpit floor

Our problem sounds a bit different to yours. Our seat had dropped about a foot caused by a heavy crew member so the original pole base had given way and dropped down
Hope I’m being clear


On 22/04/2022, at 12:39 AM, Craig Briggs <sangaris68@...> wrote:

Hi John - many thanks for the info. 
Just to be sure I understand correctly, did you cut out a section of the pyramidal base that the pipe goes through and that is above the cockpit floor and then did the repair work inside of that from the top, not from the engine room - correct?
I spent some more time examining mine yesterday, including drilling a small hole up from the engine room and looking inside with an endoscope and see only a hollow space inside the pyramid base and concluded the only way to repair is to cut a section out of the base and fix from the top, as I think you've described. I thought I'd cut out a section of the base so that it keeps the corners intact to make glassing it back in easier. That is, only needing to patch flat surfaces, not the corners.

Craig - s/v Sangaris / SN68  Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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