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Dimitris Krasopoulos

Dear Bill,

First of all the Amel 54 has a big problem in the refrigeration sea circuit as it is working day and night without major interruption contaminating the system with barnacles and destroys the pumps . It is not well well thought for sure. After changing it to fresh water from the tank ( after cleaning the system till clear water comes out) the systems works excellent and no contamination of the sea chest is present anymore which can create a big problem as increasing the motor temperature and some time cancelling trips due to that, till I found out the reason of the motor overheating and to start a long journey without knowing the reason is not a good idea. I always had a second sea chest filter to replace the old but the contamination is much more serious in the bronze curvature of the engine room intake and you need to clean the engine with barnacle buster.

I would suggest that it is not great to drink the water directly from the tank anyway as with time the tank starts to smell and dirt is on the walls asking for thorough cleaning. The compartment under the refrigerator is a bad design anyway making the cleaning very difficult. A suitable marine high capacity filter can help on that . 

So my point is if you do not drink the water of the tank you should immediately change from sea water circulation to fresh water tank, this is an easy work. If you want to drink the water from the tank a filter is the only solution in the exit in the kitchen unless you want to drink water from the bathroom .

Best Regards

Dimitris Krasopoulos
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Στις Τρί 26 Απρ 2022 στις 5:03 μ.μ., ο/η CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> έγραψε:


I believe that Amel must believe that they made a mistake when they introduced the A54 with a direct seawater heat exchange for the refrigeration system. Of course, the efficiency argument won the day, but Henri wasn't participating enough to make the practical trouble-free argument. I doubt that anyone participating in that mistake will admit it. The direct seawater heat exchange was abandoned by Amel with the introduction of the A55. The A55 used an indirect seawater exchange with keel coolers, eliminating the "growth in the lines" issue.

If you ask Veco, the manufacturer of your system, if you can use drinking water for heat exchange, they will tell you, NO. The issue is that the heat exchange water circuit for the direct seawater heat exchange is NOT certified for human consumption. Frankly, the issue could be that it was never tested, OR it can be a real hazard. You will find that the only thing people can tell you that have done this is that it works great, it tastes fine, it has not made me sick, and/or nobody has died. Deadly things like lead poisoning creep into the body with no immediate side effects. This is the reason when people ask me, I say I do not recommend using drinking water for refrigeration heat exchange. 

The bottom line is that human consumption testing has not been done on the seawater circuit. 

Ask yourself if you want to take the health risk to yourself and your crew to reduce the required maintenance.


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On Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 3:30 AM Nick Newington via <> wrote:
I am thinking about using the tank water for the fridge cooling.
I know a number of Amels have done this.
The idea would be to T off the pipe that supplies water to the freshwater pressure pump and return the water to the tank ?? Maybe via the water maker product feed?
Wondering what others have done.

Why would I do this?

1. There is shell growth that clogs up the circulating pump valves using sea water. This would solve the issue, and maybe prolong pump life.
2. I can run a fridge whilst out of the water at least temporarily.
3. Fresh water is less corrosive than sea water so maybe the fridge cupronickel cooling coil will last longer.
4. When the pump fails and one needs to change it, only fresh water is spilled in the engine room.

What are the disadvantages?
Struggling to see a downside…

Kind regards
Amelia (AML54-019) and on my way to Athens and Leros

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