Re: Securing a B&G 213 MHU

Bill Kinney


The bearings in the 213 can be replaced, they are standard industrial sealed bearings.  A google search should turn up a couple things about them. A B&G service facility should be able to handle it, although they will charge you the B&G price for the bearings.

The connector to the WS310 is not compatible with the 213. It is a standard NMEA2000 drop connector.  The ONLY way to connect it is into a NMEA2000 network.

The WS320 costs 50% more, and as far as I can see has similar performance specs as the 310.  You pay more up front for avoiding the hassle of running the wire.  On the other hand every year or two you have to go back up the mast, bring the instrument down to deck level, change the battery, and return it to the top of the mast. It takes two trips up because you need to re-pair it with the receiver which has to be done within a few centimeters.

Win some, lose some!

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Palmas del Mer, Puerto Rico.

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