replacement for Thomson Australe 3 220 V washer

john martin <symoondog@...>

Hello All,

does anyone have advice for a replacement for the Thomson "Australe 3" 220 V washer/dryer on my SM (hull #248). I have searched on this site and have found that someone used a Haier (but it is 110V and only a 6 lb load) and someone else a Soba (but it is front loading). I would like to replace it with a 220 V 50 Hz machine that washes only and does a similar sized load to the Thomson (10 lb).

I have replaced the control unit on the Thomson once, it worked wonderfully for several years, and now it appears the control unit is gone again. I'm not enthused about replacing the control unit again on a 12 year old unit, but my wife loves the machine as it spins the clothes extremely well, so that the clothes dry very quickly just being hung up on a line.

Any advice welcomed, thanks

Johh Martin


SM 248

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