Arno Luijten

Our 54  has just received new rigging from ACMO. It now has the beefed up shrouds as done by Amel on the last series of 54s. I also changed the lower shrouds on the mizzen from 7 to 8mm as I found them a bit stretchy. Rigging has been put on by Caraibes Marin in Martinique. They did an excellent job with professional measuring equipment and proper care for all the mounting points. The boat feels more secure with the rigging at proper tension and such.

ACMO did a great job with preparing the rigging. Only the triadic was a bit too long and had to be shortened by 10 cm.
The new turnbuckles are very nice, all stainless steel with bronze inserts for the threads, no chrome to fall off anymore. Caraibe Marine liked them so much they immediately ordered them for themselves as well!
The fact the prices increased is understandable, it seems prices for everything are going trough the roof at the moment. Thank you Putin and Covid….

Arno Luijten
SV Luna

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