Re: Bow truster problem

Willem Kroes

Hello Slavko,

I suffered from the same problem three years ago . After may be 10 times of use after replacing the gears with the Amel kit, the gears were already worn out, This because the mechanic in Spain used the old cover or end cap and not the new one that came with the kit. This new one dis not fit. This was  a problem in the first place caused by Amel. The mechanic who used the old one in stead had tho be more vigilant in checking the amount of play because the old cover did not go inside as much as the new one. That results in too much of play on the gears. If the new end cap does not fit and you want to use the old one, the only way to do this correctly is by using shims to restrict the amount of play within the correct parameters.

Willem Kroes

SY Kavanga
SM #351
now in Licata on Sicily

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