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It is true that Amel did not modify either the Reckmann or ProFurl swivel to add horns, but in a few halyard wrap situations that I know of, the 10mm horns were bent around the swivel. I have seen this on the SM and 54. 

Damage to the forestay is real with a halyard wrap. It can untwist the forestay, drastically weakening the wire. All Amel installed electric furlers are capable of untwisting the forestay and this will happen with a halyard wrap.

I believe a big contributor to the increased frequency in all Amel models is due to the increase of external halyards at the top of the mast and not enough understanding by the owners. 

My advise:
Be aware of halyard wrap
Don't add too many halyards
When not in use, tightly secure the extra halyards to the rail and for extra security secure them where they are on the aft side of the spreader.


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I’m going to agree with Bruno here.


This may not be a popular opinion, but Amel is not perfect. I can tell you on my 54, there are definite design faults, directly in contradiction with ISO and ABYC.

I love my boat overall but I will be the first to admit that Amel screws up and while it’s tempting to defend your purchase, when you’re in the middle of the ocean and it’s raging and something breaks, your ego means very little.


How many Amels are out there with powered furling headsails? At least 400 SMs and around 200 54s and I don’t know how many 55s and 64s. Has anyone heard of one of these boats losing their mast due to a halyard wrap? Judging from how many damn Amels (ha happy to see you all) are here in French Polynesia, there have been many many sea miles sailed by those 600+ Amels, so I would guess that at least one would have such an issue. Further, how many non-Amel powered furling headsail boats are there out there? Dismasting is a major event and we’d certainly hear about it.


It’d be interesting to see the report. Was it done by a disinterested third party?


Now for the sake of discussion, let’s assume it was related to a halyard wrap.  I believe I read once that the 50 and 60 don’t come with the halyard swivel “horns”? Further, assuming it was related to a halyard wrap and the design is similar to the previous models, I would hope we can discuss and learn from this event to prevent this from happening to others vs. just blaming user error and moving on.



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Not logical 

You have fuse 

And such a problem doesn’t occur when you loose the forestay like this 

I don’t believe this conclusion 

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The final investigative report is in.
The mast failure occurred because of a halyard wrap with the Genoa furler.
This is a known issue on any boat with a powered furler.

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