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To explain:

When a halyard gets caught around the furling swivel, the swivel spins the halyard around the foil and usually eventually the rigging wire. If the end of the halyard is secured, these halyard wraps around the wire can get as tight as vice grips on the wire. With the swage fitting stationary, this twisting force will untwist the wire at the swage. Untwisted rigging wire loses all of its strength. 


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On Thu, Apr 28, 2022, 13:42 Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:
On our 54, we've used the gennaker, code 0 and Parasailor for thousands of miles. It attaches to the end of the bow roller and being non-factory, is probably more prone to issues. In our laziness, we've sometimes left it up, furled, and used the Genoa. I have never gotten even close to wrapping, so I don't buy the conclusion that a factory designed and installed option increases wrap rates. And if it does, Amel should retrofit it.

As Bill stated, he's seen halyard wraps twist the 10mm "horns" around the swivel. Bill - does that mean they are potentially protective and/or sacrificial?

We have two extra halyards permanently stored off the main, near the Genoa halyard and have not had any issues. But I am human and expect that it will happen at some point, probably in a 50 knot rainless squall that didn't show up on radar. Are there 40 A50s out there? It seems 5/40 = 12% of their sister ships having a potentially catastrophic failure is higher than should be accepted as "user error" and demands a fix.

It'll be interesting to see what Amel does to correct this. They already got a pie in the face since they highlighted this family on social media and of course, a Grand Large Rally participant here in French Polynesia, (this boat was allowed in the GL Rally despite not being a Grand Large boat), was well aware of the Amel that lost its mast island hopping in 15 knots. Another lost mast would be a "Polina Star III" level event, in my opinion. Not good for owners of any Amel, 50 or otherwise.

On Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 12:51 PM, Justin Maguire wrote:
That said, the 50’s and 60’s are the first boats with a bowsprit that has a furling gennaker / code zero from the factory.. so all previous amel models aren’t apples to apples comparisons. 
I’ve spoken with amel directly in this… 
I’m one of at least five 50’s that I know of that damaged their forestay due to the light wind halyard either not being properly stored (ie. On the starboard side by the shrouds vs. on the bowsprit) or by leaving the halyard tension too slack (either stored on the bowsprit or with the sail up and furled)…

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