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During the survey of my boat at the time of purchase, when Olivier tested the anemometer at the top of the mast, it fell on the deck.
Seeing the cost of the B&G 213, I preferred to find another solution, but which will remain compatible with the Hydra unit because I really like the look of the analog displays :)
I've found an ultrasonic sensor, compatible with the B&G system. It's the CV3F from LCJ, with B&G Option (named STBG for SeaTalk + B&G option).

The CV3F with the STBG option output both NMEA signal and the same B&G 213 analog signal (for the Hydra unit), and everything works perfectly.

Le 27/04/2022 à 07:40, Mark Erdos a écrit :

A few months ago, Loca Lola  wrote on here about a B&G replacement that had no bearings and was 0183 2000 comparable. IMO - B&G has a long way to go to catch up on this technology. When I run out of B&G's stupid expensive spare parts, this or something similar will be my choice.



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