Re: Amel lost its mast - D1?

Sv Garulfo

There is no device to open the angle between the genoa halyard and the forestay ?

Maybe it’s not necessary with the furler (profurl or facnor, i can’t remember), but on my (retrofitted) Reckmann, it’s specifically said there should be a 10°+ angle between the forestay and its halyard. 

Also, the Reckmann has a built-in resetable fuse that trips whenever it struggles with something. Admittedly resetting it requires a trip to the fore locker, which is annoying at best but that teaches you to be gentle with the system (and keep your halyards out of the way).


On 28 Apr 2022, at 13:52, Justin Maguire <justin_maguire@...> wrote:

The angle is much more open in a SM than on the 50

On Apr 28, 2022, at 15:44, Alan Leslie <s.v.elyse@...> wrote:

The previous owner of Elyse bent a few of those horns, I still have them.
In the 9 years we have owned Elyse we have never had a halyard wrap issue.
We have a spinnaker/gennaker halyard which we use with our gennaker.
It is always stored like this

with chafe protection on the upper shroud, it's tied tightly to the stbd rail aft of the mast.
It does get loose occasionally and needs to be tightened.
This is simple to keep an eye on.
Our Amel has a little notice next to the FOC (genoa) furling switch which says
"Attention aux drisses" meaning look out for the halyards, to avoid halyard wraps.
These are seamanship issues not design issues.

Elyse SM437

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