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On the Maramu, the block is attached almost at the end of the mizzen boom, so there's no big problem. I have, however, on occasion put a sling ove the end of the boom if I needed to lift something to clear the side.

In your case, just move it to the boom end.


From: Kent Robertson <>
Sent: Sun, 28 February, 2010 19:22:51
Subject: Re: [Amel] 8 HP OUTBOARD ENGINE

Ahoy, Maties,
I've read with interest this discussion, and looking at my mizzen boom, the attachment of the block at the boom is several feet forward of the end of the boom which lines up with the outboard attached to the rail. It looks like if I were to lift the motor from the current attachment on the boom, it would slide the motor down the rail before lifting it off. Do you move the eye where the mizzen sheet attaches to the boom down to the end where it will line up, or just use it where it's attached just above the traveler?
"Kristy" SM243

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