Re: anods unusual wearout

Mark Erdos

 Hi Greg,

It sounds like you have developed a stray current. You probably want to take care of it promptly. 60 days is awfully quick to go through a set of zincs. It is not rocket science to locate the issue and source. But, having the right tools certainly helps. I recommend this gadget:


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On 5/2/2022 5:15 AM, Gregory Dmitriev wrote:
Hi everybody,
I just have A54 out of water (since 03/03/21) today and see strange wear of anods:
- 2 of rudder - both dead 100%
- 1 of prop - dead 100%
- bowthruster - 1 dead 100% (starboard) BUT THE OTHER (port) ALMOST AS NEW ?!?!?! (both were not painted of course)

Any ideas ???

Normally they were wear for about 50% for the year in water.



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