Re: C Drive service in Grenada

Porter McRoberts

Why not sail up to Martinique and do it at the Amel base there?  Once you’ve seen it done, it’s not difficult at all. Just several critical and important steps, all detailed in the forum here. 

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On May 4, 2022, at 8:53 AM, David Odell <david.wanderer@...> wrote:

I understand that the C Drive service is very specialized and that an owner should pre-qualify a mechanic / technician.  

We haul Dragonfly next week for hurricane season at Clark’s Court Boatyard on the south coast of Grenada. Can anyone provide a strong recommendation for a qualified tech with experience successfully servicing the C drive?

Everything is functioning properly and the ER reservoir is clear, so this is preventive maintenance. Volvo has 1,028 hours but prior owner did not keep maintenance log so I have no insight if he kept to the every 3 year servicing schedule. 



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