Re: Downwind Sailing

Craig Briggs

Hi Kent,
Totally agree with Judy (about avoiding having the main riding on the aft lowers).

Here's how we play it: we pole out the jib at just a bit deeper than a beam reach, say ~ 110 apparent and keep the main and mizzen full(usually fly the foc d'artimon, too).

As we go deeper to where the main starts to ride on the shrouds, we partially furl it, since it begins to block the jib anyway - it's surprising how effective it remains and stays off the shrouds. Lot's of vang and outhaul tension, although not perfect for trim, keeps the sail off the shrouds longer.

At DDW we usually furl the main completely in a breeze and sometimes overtrim the mizzen to dampen any roll (using it as a horizontal stabilizer, you might say). In light air we'll go wing 'n wing with the main, but keep it overtrimmed and off the shrouds.

I usually keep both poles rigged, so if we going to be out for a couple of hours I'll pop the balloner and totally furl the main and mizzen.

Fair winds, Craig & Katherine, Santorin #68

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Can't say what others do, but we never let the mainsail touch the shroud. .....
You will probably get several different answers on this question.

S/V BeBe

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