Re: Stress crack main sheet boom attachment Maramu

Ken Smith


This is new to us 1986 M202 pictures of the main sheet and boom. Similar cracks, inspection here suggest these are in the paint. Still learning my Amel and ours is close in hull number. Is yours in the metal?

Also, What do you use the eye on the boom forward on the main sheet double block for?( there are 3 on the boom, 2 in your pics).

Hope this helps, reach out on any other topics as well.

M202 Bon Edda
Ken Smith
Baltimore MD


On May 5, 2022, at 1:31 PM, Alex BAIZEAU <alexandre.baizeau@...> wrote:

Hello Everyone, during a routine inspection we notice a couple of stress cracks where the main sheet connects to the boom on our Nirvana boom, Maramu 86.

See attached pictures. 

Is it something that has happened to anyone else? I’m wondering if someone already had this fixed and how.


Thanks for your input!

Alex Baizeau

Maramu #207, 1986 

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