circuit breaker starboard aft locker in aft cabin & NO fuse on BT etc


Dear Amelians,

We are renewing the electrical system for inverter, solar and wind and preparing for lithium. 
Amazing there is really NO fuse on the Bowtruster etc etc???? ..... Anyone any idea why not? What is the idea behind that? 
Or is it me? 

Does anyone know what the original purpose for the 24V wires that run to the Lazarette in the aft?
There is a circuit breaker in the aft starboard locker in the aft cabin as per enclosed photos.
The previous owner used it for the power from the old fashion "MPPT" that he located in the lazarette for solar panels that were located on the railing port aft.

We will pull new wires directly from the new solar panels to the MPPT's in the passage way hanging locker.

Anyway just wondering what was the original use for this 24 V to the lazarette???

Fair winds 
Eric & Els Opdeweegh
sv Abayomi 
SM 158

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