Re: Thomson Clothes Washer - Error Code d04

Drew Gaffney

The D04 code can be many different problems, ranging from from the
rotation sensor wiring on inside R (facing the unit, R side panel
removed) That connection was finicky, but often "fixed' the problem.
The fact that D04 appears immediately, would suggest a problem in the
main computer. i replaced the computer (not difficult) and that
resolved the problem. Thomson/Brand tech support was very helpful.
I was not able to locate service/parts in the US and obtained them from France.
Good luck.
Drew Gaffney
Former owner, SV Revelation SM390

On Sun, May 8, 2022 at 11:45 AM Tony Elliott <tonye@...> wrote:

Hello All,
Firstly, I am new to the forum having just purchased an Amel SM 2000. This particular SM appears to have been either directly struck by lightning (although there are no signs of this) or was very close to something that was. As a consequence, many electrical accessories on the boat were fried. Some, but not all, were replaced by the previous owner. I intend to finish the job he started.

My first topic is the Thomson clothes washer/dryer. This unit powers on but immediately gives the "d04" error, Motor Triac Shorted (per the service manual). I have the service manual available and assume that I can run the diagnostics as described in the service manual but have not yet done so and so I wanted to reach out to everyone to see if anyone has experienced this fault condition and what, if any, fix was implemented. The power board on the washer has several triacs and relays and I suspect they are not component replaceable rather, the whole power board would need replacement. If so, can someone point me to a supplier that can provide such a replacement (I am US based).

Thanks in advance,
Tony Elliott
SM#443 - Grand Cru

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