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James Alton


   What a great upgrade to any boat,  especially one that is not dockside and needs to produce it's own power.  I am curious about how to dealt with the gaps and joints at the edges of the panels?  So if these panels are being used as building panels does that mean that holes cut be cut to run the refrigerant tubing and such or did you work those in between a set of panels.  A brilliant move going with the 1/2" panels to reduce the chance of losing all of the vacuum insulation in an area of the box.  

James Alton
SV Sueno
Seagull Bay,  Turkey

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After much consideration, I decided that the majority of issues people had with vacuum panels was the result of poor installation.  The Panasonic panels are being sold as high performance building insulation, and the specifications list a minimum performance after 12 years. That seemed log enough for me...  When I designed the box I used two 0.5" panels instead of one 1" panel whenever possible so if one failed I'd still have a back up.

We ordered about 15 separate panels for the project.  One of those came DOA, and was quickly replaced by the supplier. What quickly became obvious is that fussy design is important.  The insulation capability of the panels is so high that the majority of the thermal leakage in the new fridge is AROUND the panels not through them.  Careful attention to minimizing conduction loses and being sure seals are air tight will very much pay off in reducing power usage even further.

After almost a year of operation, I am really happy.  Check back in a decade to see if that holds...

As an aside, close to 40 years ago I saw some of the first commercial production samples of aerogel. It's truly amazing stuff...  

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

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