Re: modified stern rail on 54 to carry drum (Ankarolina on a Santorin)

Dean Gillies

That looks like a good setup Craig, thanks for sharing the pics.

On my 54 I have two anchors on the bow, and have used a similar maneouvre to what you describe, ie dropping the main bow anchor, letting out all chain while motoring backward, then dropping the second anchor (from the bow) whilst attempting to move forward again. When I've moved far enough forward I put a chain hook on the stern anchor chain and use a short rope rode to bring over the stern, and the stern anchor chain runs in a catenary under the boat. This process is not as straightforward as it might sound, especially in a breeze. 

Has anyone else found a reliable process to deploy a stern anchor using the powered secondary bower anchor?
Maybe having a lightweight anchor manhandled over the stern is a simpler solution. I already have an ankorlina reel for shore ties, so all I need is the FX. 
Dean Gillies
SV Stella *****,  Amel 54-154

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