Climma Compact 9EH M60018AMEL with M61037AMEL Electrical Box

Tony Elliott

Hello all,

I have a request to make to all Amel SM owners. I am looking for the circuit diagram for the Climma Compact 9 AMEL electrical box - part number M61037AMEL. I have collected other cct diagrams through this forum for the Climma systems (M4659A panel, pump relay box M4622) but I am unable to locate this specific cct diagram. I have three of these onboard and am assuming they are original units. The M61037AMEL is the part number on the label of the internal frame where all the relays and capacitor connections are made. The black plastic electrical box cover shows a different part number of M60018AMEL. 

Thanks in advance,

Tony Elliott
SM#443, Grand Cru

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