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Just a guess but is the GP90 still connected to the network?

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On Sat, May 14, 2022 at 4:23 PM Nick Newington via <> wrote:

I have a Feruno GP90 that still works but now all the data ports have quit.
I bought an inexpensive mushroom GPS receiver and an Actisense NMEA expander that works well so the VHF,  SSB, and Navnet 2 all have position.

Interestingly the mushroom gps antenna is just tie wrapped in the cabinet above the chart table and gets position as well as the external antenna on the main gps.

The problem is that the Navnet keeps forgetting the installation when I turn it off, though not always. I have to go through the installation wizard to get it working.

Why would this be?
Especially not always?
When I check the parameters that I set and NMEA sentences they are as I set them…so not a memory problem..

It is not a big deal as I can on powering up press MENU and POWER simultaneously and go to the wizard each time….but baffling.

Does anyone know of a trick/solution. I am wondering if it is Feruno trying to make me buy their new GPS!

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