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Jose & Mark,

In my experience in Cartagena, you can get anything made or repaired. Things like board-level electronic repair, motor rewinding, AC components rebuilt, all sorts of woodworking, etc. There was a German guy there that knew nothing about satellite phones and did some board-level repair to ours. He also repaired electronic PCBs in radars, autopilots, etc. I am sure he could repair the notorious Onan PCB that cannot be found anymore.


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On Sat, May 14, 2022 at 5:04 PM Jose Venegas via <> wrote:

The carpenter’s name is Maximo Velez Gomez.
 His WhatsApp is +57 (310) 686-9188
and his daughter WhatsApp is +57 (313) 8517-243 :
He does not speak english but his daughter can translate for him.
He has detailed drawings and dimensions of the parts

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