Re: Climma Compact 9EH M60018AMEL with M61037AMEL Electrical Box

Tony Elliott

Thanks Bill, but I already have all of those. I'm looking for the schematic for the electrical box and specifically the connections to the compressor capacitors and identification of components in the EB.

One of my Climma Compact 9EH is a missing 10uF compressor capacitor and also missing a small device that I cannot yet identify. The device connects between the 10 and 40uF caps as shown in the first picture. It is a device that, on one of my other units is kept in place with a riveted spring bracket, and on the other with a zip tie!!.

On the unit in question, it's gone altogether and the circuit has been "jimmy-rigged" to use the 40uF capacitor to start and run the compressor (with success I might add, it seems to work very well). This is shown in the second picture. I've also attached a picture of the device itself - it has two connectors, seems to be made by a company called Electra, and has printed upon it: P210D 230V-343. Two small holes exist on the bottom side one labeled M, the other S. 

I'm trying to identify what this part is so that I can replace it and get the unit back to its original design state.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SM#443-Grand Cru

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