Re: Climma Compact 9EH M60018AMEL with M61037AMEL Electrical Box

Tony Elliott

OK, I believe I have the answer to what the component is for those that are interested.

The 40uF capacitor as an additional cap that is added in parallel with the 10uF cap only to improve (reduce current spike and duration) startup. The "device" is likely a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic "relay" that is normally closed at ambient temperatures. At startup the 10 and 40uF caps are in parallel yielding a higher capacitance to overcome the "hard" starting conditions of all AC compressors. As the current flows through this device it heats up and finally disconnects the 40uF capacitor so that the unit can maintain its running state. In standard AC terminology this is called a "Hard Start Kit". 

It seems that the technician who operated on this unit removed the 10uF run cap and used the 40uF cap instead because I assume the ceramic relay failed. The unit starts perfectly fine but what the longer term effects are of running the unit with a run capacitor 4 times larger than needed is yet to be determined.

Anyway, thought I would close this off. Now to go find a PTC ceramic "relay".

SM#443, Grand Cru

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