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Thanks for emphasizing the need for a portable pump for cleaning, de-watering and even emergency use. Got me to thinking--I'm going to cut and paste and edit  an earlier posting I made on this because I wanted to share and emphasize what I think are important characteristics of such a pump--1)portability, so you can easily take it to  the place you want to use it by grabbing it with a dedicated handle.  It needs to be ready to grab and go as a complete unit yet accessible and compact  2) a long cord to its power source so you can power it anywhere in the boat.  For us it is a 24v high capacity pump so we have a 30' power cord with alligator clips for attachment to the house batteries 3) an on off switch at the pump so once connected you can control it at the pump 4) a rigid pick up hose that will not collapse 5) a clog preventing intake screen on the pick up 6) a longer exit hose that can be thrown out a hatch or taken to the cockpit 7)a way to secure the electric pump above the water and to keep it from sliding around or damaging the interior of your boat.

So,  from a much earlier post......"Regarding a portable bilge pump we can show you what we have.  I had a high capacity 24V self-priming pump aboard and decided to make it into such a kit.  Management of a rigid intake hose, longer output hose, and 24V cord are all issues.  I came up with a design using a thin board with integrated handle, and a hour glass shape for managing the hoses and electrical cord.  The nylon cord that holds everything together can also be used to secure the pump in operation.  I think the suction hose was at least 1.5 meters, output hose 5 meters, and a 10 meter electrical cord with alligator clips.  The output hose can be a thin collapsible lightweight type hose that saves space. The carpenter at Yacht Marin in Turkey made me the board for $7USD!!!, and so for the cost of a switch, hoses we have a handy, organized, and compact unit that we hope never to use except for cleaning tasks.  Many of us carry a spare bilge pump around anyway, so here is an idea. Sorry you can't see the switch but it is a waterproof push pull mounted near the pump and the 24V cord with alligator clips is also there
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