Re: A54 with new Elvstrom sails

David Dickman

Hi Laurens,
  Could you please provide more info on where these sails came from?  Are they dynema cloth from hydranet or some other cloth?  I like the cut from the images.

    david on Galini

On Tue, May 17, 2022 at 6:05 AM Laurens Vos <laurensrineke@...> wrote:

Attached some pictures from our new Elvstrom sails on our A54 Fun@Sea


We’re happy with them and they do what was promised.

Pointing appr. 5 degree higher, less heeling when sailing to windward and a bit faster to windward  specially when very light wind. 


As you can see on one of the pictures the main and mizzen are having much more sail area in the top what probably create the above. 


Rolling in and out the mast goes very smoothly as the battens are round sticks with a carbon top part. 


How they will last in the long term time will to tell. 

Laurens Vos
A54 Fun@Sea 
La Rochelle 

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