locked Re: tb/AMEL 54 outhaul protector burn out Mid Atlantic/AYOG



Both Arno and I have the left TOP connected to the outhaul (boom) and the right TOP to the Mast.

Difference between Arno and me is that his Mast TOP is 40A and mine is 55A

Arno’s Boom TOP was 55A while AMEL sent me in 2018 or 2019 a 75A TOP. Didn’t bother to check what Amp the replaced TOP was.


On May 18, 2022, at 18:05, Laurens Vos via groups.io <laurensrineke@...> wrote:

A question from another “wooden shoes guy”,
is that left TOP connected to the boom motor or to the mast motor ? 


A54 Fun@Sea #72
La Rochelle 

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