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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Kent, I find it disturbing that the western world have banned those drugs. Medically they proven safe and effective which cannot be said of their vaccines and alternative treatments. Glad you recovered quickly. I will reply to your motor query on the forum
Kind regards to you and Iris

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 Hi Amel cousins,
Kristy's Main furler has been getting weaker until it finally would fuel under any load at all. It still turns when disconnected from the foil, no noise. The sail furls manually with normal resistance using the winch handle.
I swapped the solenoids for the  furler and outhaul without any change..I swapped the motor out for a new one from Amel.. same issue.  Under load my ammeter on the cable to the motor reads 100+A.voltage output from the solenoids reads 26.8v. Resistance in the cables reads 0 Ohms
I cut both ends off of the cables to redo what appeared to be well-crumped fittings, and noticed that the copper was no longer shiny.  After cutting another and then another 6 inches off both ends of the wires, I never found shiny copper wire.  I recrimped on new fittings and it runs better, but still nothing like before.

I feel pretty certain that the cable is bad, through and through.  I will replace the cables for both outhaul and furler this week and let you know if that solves the mystery.  Could that be what is causing Arno's problem?

I haven't posted it yet, because I haven't swapped the cable out yet to confirm that was the problem. 

 I just came down with flu-like symptoms and tested + for Covid. Fever, cough and rip-roaring headache and muscle pain Sunday, started Ivermectin/Hydroxychloroquin/Vit D³&C/ aspirin/Quercitin regimen Sunday afternoon, and by Mon AM was free of Fever, headache, and muscle pain. Now just a mild cough and tired.  Those "horse dewormers" and other banned off-label meds worked wonders on this unvaccinated sailor, as they have on millions of others in Africa and India.

Kent & Iris

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