Re: Near constant hot water without a generator - Here is how i did it.

Craig Briggs

The original Isotemp heaters did use the standard 1" element - they had orange insulating jackets and mine from 2002 is still ticking, with many patches and replaced elements. The current silver-jacketed model uses a different (proprietary?) element as Alan describes. Btw, Indel-Webasto uses the Isotherm brand name for their refrigeration equipment and Isotemp for the water heaters - same company (probably part of Dometic). The water heaters were originally a product of Thermoproduktur AB in Sweden.

Anyway, here's a link to a DC standard 1" element, with a 12v 200w version and a 24v 600w version. The arithmetic would say those would draw 16.6 and 25 amps respectively. The seller has a specific warning: "DO NOT USE GRID POWER AS IT WILL IMMEDIATELY DESTROY THE ELEMENT!"

The thermostats are simply bi-metal snap-open temperature switches and do not care about AC vs DC. 
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