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Hi Bill, I had the same experience as you with the alloy tab wearing through .....twice before I discovered the nylon pencil. When we got Ocean Pearl home to NZ with the rigging over 10 years old I had riggers replace the forestay and while they were at it I had them put new bearings in the furler as a preventative while the forestay was down. I assumed this unique piece of Amel had got lost in the process. I may or may not be right in my assumption. However, now it is fitted I don't expect a repeat. I was having trouble fitting it as it wouldn't fit in through the slot at the bottom of the foil and I thought I would have to remove the foil from the gearbox to slide it up from the bottom. After trying every thing I could think of I called in a trusted rigger. When I looked away he gave it a sharp whack with a plastic  hammer and in it went.
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My understanding is that the "pin" was introduced sometime later in the Super Maramu production cycle than our boat.  Possibly with the 2000 model year when there were other changes to the design of the swivel, for example, the GRP sleeve on the inside (ours is all aluminum).  

Not completely clear on timing of the change, since the amount of French on our side and the amount of English on Amel's side doesn't always allow for perfect communication!  

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