Re: Low Water Level at See water filter

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Luls,
When the SM is at rest the water level will overflow the top of the intake strainer if you remove the cap. So I would start by checking the intake is not blocked with sea life, eg mussels, barnacles etc.
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Danny SM 299
Ocean Pearl

On 23/05/2022 10:35 Luis <2100lfc@...> wrote:


I need your Help, Please.

Recently i have noticed that the sea water level at the filter is going down without an understandable reason.

i have replaced all the the pipes, have well checked the filter cover for any possible damage without finding any issue, replaced the filter cover O-Ring, Well cover the thread of it with some Vaseline, but the level is still going down.

I am planning a long motorized trip and am absolutely worried with this, and above all, with the lack of capacity to find out the possible cause.

Can you Help Please?


Luis Correia

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