Companionway veeneer

william reynolds

Thre has  been lots of discussuons on the refinishing of the companion way door. Replacing the veneen in place is a stopgap measure which cannot be sanded more than once due to the thinness of the veeneer. Accessing and cutting the slider trim can be daunting and pulling back the ceiling trim can be a mess
Removing the side trim takes a bit of skill and would have to be repeated if you want to refinish again  the future.
I measured the door  so I could clear the dodger. I cut the door horizontally.  I added a teak facing on either cut to give a clean gasket surface and new wood to 
hold the hinge on the back and I cut  the same amount off the door as I added , 
I Sanded off all the old veener and finished with 6 coats of Epifanes edxterior gloss.  I glued a 1/16 gasket between the pieces. I installed a piano hinge and
voila!   Done!  Another item I added was super slider tape in the slider groves. This tape is made for sliding drawers and also compensates for the saning in the grooves.  The whole thing comes out in 5 minutes.  
I can provide step by step details upon request.
A few pictures are attached more are available.
The attached pictures  show the start and finish.

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