Re: Oil in coolant tank

Bill Kinney


That’s unfortunate… and I agree with you I’d be very reluctant to drop the cost of a new engine because the mechanic “thinks” it’s a cracked block.  Without taking the head off, I don’t know how to separate the potential causes, but this kind of problem is a bit above my paygrade.  Definitely worth a second opinion from another mechanic.  

I do question the assumption that a head gasket failure can never be a one way leak.  Seems a bit weak to condemn the engine on.

My understanding is that oil in coolant, but NO coolant in oil is more likely to be a head gasket or head. Do you know that what you see in the coolant is lubricating oil and not diesel fuel?  If it is diesel fuel, that would again make it more likely to be the top end of the engine.

If you can be reasonably sure the engine has not be over heated, that makes a cracked block rather rare.

Good luck!

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Le Marin, Martinique

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