Bow thruster A54– IPC relay


Hi all

Would you be so kind to check if my installation is right?

The BT does not turn to Port or Stb when using the joystick at cockpit. IPC relay (Control Box 6-123xi) was faulty, and I replaced it with one already left by P.O. I remade all connections following electrical diagram (or so I think), but the IPC blew up immediately. Maybe it was already defective, but before I burn my new spare IPC, I hope some of you could check how I did and see if there are any mistakes.

I funneled the problem to the IPC because:

1.The BT does turn when I jump A1 to gray wire or blue wire.

2. Up and down ok

3.Joystick is ok

4.Solenoid new and ok

5.Emergency stop OK

6. Temperature sensor ok

7. Protection fuse ok

Picture 1 shows the electrical diagram. Pic 2 shows how I wired it. My doubts:

a.     a. Not sure where the connection circled in red in Pic 1 goes physically. I assume the red wire connects three points, as per Pic 2, red line

b.      b.There is a “diode” circled in yellow (Pic1) that I could not find

c.      c.There is no black wire (ground) coming from the joystick, and that is right, I guess. But I connected a black one from the IPC to A1

Can you identify any mistake or have any suggestion before I put the new IPC to work without blowing it up?

Thank you
Attika A54 117
Paraty - Brazil

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