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Recently had similar experience. Volvo penta tech in Martinique (Ludovic at Ids) tells me it is because Oman has glow plugs that draw a lot of current. D3 engine being common rail does not need as much. This, engine will start with less battery charge than Onan.

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On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 8:59 PM Craig Briggs <sangaris68@...> wrote:
Hi Bill,
Very interesting that the Onan requires much more power to start than the main engine. The Onan diesel engine is, what?, maybe 15-18hp, versus the propulsion engine of, what? 80-ish hp (or more). Seems a bit counterintuitive but maybe there's a reason like the Onan needing a lot of power for preheating the glow plugs (I never need preheat on my propulsion engine but always need 10 seconds-ish on the generator). I'm quite curious about the reason - can you elaborate, please?
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