Re: Observation on using 12v Lifepo4 batteries in serial/parallel (probably applicable to lead, too)

Scott SV Tengah

Thanks for the explanation - certainly over my pay grade, but it helps me understand where my thinking was wrong.

I'll let everyone know if the high/low voltages swap around with the batteries.

Regarding the balancer, do you think my use-case is a bit different and therefore it may make sense to include a balancer? It is extremely rare that I run the genset to charge to 100%. Typically I stop at 90%, when cell voltages are still far from the upper "knee" and just let the solar do the rest. I do notice that if I pump 200amps in to the batteries until full, the battery temp (Victron batteries report temp via bluetooth) increases a lot more than if I reduce this tail current. And knowing that lithium don't love heat combined with high SOC, I avoid it.

In any event, I wonder if the much lower currents and longer duration of solar top balancing gives the balancers enough time to do their magic?

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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