Re: Emergency Navigation

Paul Stascavage

For those who want to use Open CPN or another navigation package that is not available for IOS or Android tablets, you can install an app such as  Splashtop (there are plenty out there) on both the computer running the program as well as the tablet.  These apps allow the tablet to view and manage what is on the computer or laptop.  So, if you were running Open CPN on your laptop at the nav station, you could project the laptop screen onto the tablet at the helm station.  The navigation software can be manipulated from either the tablet or the computer. In the case of Splashtop, you can download the apps for free and you don't need to purchase a subscription unless you want to utilize the functionality over the internet.  As long as both devices are on the same wifi network, they can communicate with each other without a subscription.  In the attached photo, the laptop is running Open CPN and the iPad is connecting remotely to the laptop using Splashtop.

Paul Stascavage
SM #466 - s/v Rita Kathryn
Brunswick Landing Marina - Brunswick, GA


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