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Here are some pages from the manual that answer your questions and also a link to download the manual. I suspect that the connectors probably exist, but I do not know where. Also, note the "GREY" & "BLACK" sensors.



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On Fri, Jun 3, 2022 at 6:15 AM Roque <ediroque@...> wrote:
Hi Dean

In addition to all previews comments:

1. Yes, the sensor is just a reed switch. While I was waiting for a replacement, I “fabricated” one using a reed switch inside a plastic tube (BIC pen). The reed switches cost  US 1 a dozen. I still have the Lewmar new one in the box as a spare! 

2. I would begin by replacing the magnet. Easy task, also inexpensive on Ebay.

3. I never found a conector along the wire but  I suppose there is none. The wire is very unlikely to be the problem. 

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Em sex., 3 de jun. de 2022 às 05:55, Nick Newington via <> escreveu:
Hi Dean,

I replaced my non functioning Lewmar chain counter with the Lofrans version (Iris) a couple of years ago. Has been perfect ever since. 
I changed the sensor and the magnet. The sensor is mounted  from below the windlass. I tried yanking the old one out by the wire but broke it. So I drilled it out. I then inserted the new one and sealed it in place with silicon.

I then spliced the new cables to old with solder and heat shrink tubing.

The magnet too, which is on the gypsy got drilled out and a new one epoxied in its place.

The whole installation up forward was pretty easy. The wiring above the galley sink was harder, from a dexterity point of view.

S/Y Amelia

On 3 Jun 2022, at 10:55, Dimitris Krasopoulos <dkrasopoulos@...> wrote:

Push the connector up it has the tendency to fall put some chewing gum or some plastic clay to keep it in place as much up as possible. The magnet in the gypsy is easy to inspect . It can be damaged from the salt and can easily been replaced if necessary. Do not turn the Gypsy upside down as the position of the magnet is different and you are going to have no signal at all

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On Jun 3, 2022, at 9:28 AM, Dean Gillies <stella@...> wrote:

Hi Amelians,

I'm having a problem with the chain counter sensor of my Lewmar V4/5 windlass (Amel 54). The control head unit in the cockpit is the AA560. I assume this sensor is just a reed switch which triggers with each rotation of the gypsy as the magnet passes overhead. 

The problem shows up as random counting (and beeping) and the diagnostic check shows the sensor output being "unstable". The voltages displaying on the AA560 diagnostic check are unstable, flickering between 4.8-5.0V on the red connection and 0-2V on the black connection.

So, it looks like I have either a faulty sensor or a problem in the wiring/connectors.  I have checked the cable connections at the terminal block behind the AA560 head unit and they look fine. 

In the fore-locker I can see the grey cable coming out of the windlass bottom plate where the sensor is located. The cable (along with the main power cabling for the windlass motor) then runs into some conduits and around into the switch panel in the box in the aft starboard corner of the fore-locker.

It seems to run through that locker (difficult to see) and out into a conduit that runs across the top of the locker and then aft into the boat.  

The questions in my mind at the moment:

Is there a connector somewhere along this sensor cable run that could be faulty, or is it a single cable run from the sensor to the terminal block behind the control head?

Is it easy to remove that sensor from the windlass plate? How? Is it glued in there?

Has someone trodden this path before me and can offer some guidance?
In the meantime, I will disconnect the cable behind the control head to stop the beeping!

Many thanks

Dean Gillies
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