Re: Emergency Navigation


Paper chart are fine, I carry always a full set of them, and they should be mandatory, but, in an emergency, if soaked in water, they can be as useless as a soaked iPad.
Concerning the lightning strike, my strategy is based on the hope that the steel safe installed by Amel in the aft cabin can act as a Faraday Cage, and I keep an old cellphone with a resident full set of Navionics chart stowed there.
Otherwise, I myself have arranged a stand for the iPad on my Whisper ( photo) similar to Ralph’s which, originated as a backup, turned out to be so comfortable that my current practice is to keep the MFD (pictured the left) permanently on a full screen radar, and the iPad on the right as a full screen chart plotter.

SM 454 Whisper

Inviato da iPad

Paolo Cuneo
SM 454 Whisper

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